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Because I Love You 1926

Why am I lonely and why am I blue?

And why am I thinking, just thinking of you?

Why should I care if you've broken your vow?

And why do I wonder who's kissing you now?

Because I love you

I've tried so hard but can't forget

Because I love you

You linger in my memory yet

Because I miss you

I often wish we'd never met

And though you left a tear

As a souvenir

It doesn't matter dear

Because I love you


Off with the old love and on with the new

Is easy to say but not easy to do

What does it matter how far we're apart

You're out of my life, dear, but still in my heart

Ирвинг Берлинский

Because I Love You 1926 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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