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Back To Back

There's nothing new beneath the sun

Except the new dance I've invented

And it's really lots of fun

Come on now, take your place

And soon you'll get the knack

You don't stand face to face

You do it back to back

Dancing back to back

Takes you off the beaten track

You don't look at your partner at all

When you dance back to back

That's that new attack

That the other dances lack

You can see what goes on in the hall

When you dance back to back

Your partner won't see you

Make eyes at who's dancing by

Your partner won't mind it

She's doing the same, that's why

You must dance back to back

Let me place you in the pack

Cut the cards and I'll deal you a queen and a jack

Back to back

Take your partner on the floor and stand back to back

Hold your partner gently by the hand back to back

After you have done it

You'll get hep to the knack

'Stead of steppin' front to front

You step back to back

Ирвинг Берлинский

Back To Back / Ирвинг Берлинский

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