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Araby 1915

1st verse:]

Tonight I'm dreaming of Araby

That's where my dreams seem to carry me

Where ev'rything is Oriental

And ev'ryone is sentimental

There in the shade of the shelt'ring palms

I met a maiden fair

I long to hold her gently in my arms

Oh, how I wish I was there



When shades of night appear

I seem to hear you calling


You seem to beckon and I reckon

I'll be hurrying back again

Seems to me

A maiden's face appears

I see her tears are falling

Falling because I left her there

That's why I long to be

Where all those happy faces

Wait for me

Beside the fair oasis

Soon, you'll see

Within a caravan

An Arab man will take me

Over the desert back to Araby

[2nd verse:]

Someday you'll find me in Araby

Where someone's waiting to marry me

I can't forget the day we parted

She said I left her broken hearted

I helped her on to a camel's back

Before she rode away

She made me promise that I would come back

I'll keep my promise someday

Ирвинг Берлинский

Araby 1915 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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