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Always Treat Her Like A Baby 24 Aug 1914

1st verse:]

See those sweethearts

They've just been married, they'll be leaving soon

They're getting ready to begin a lifelong honeymoon

See the old folks crowding around them

Gladness fills the room

Just hear the bride's old mother

Whispering to the groom


Treat her like a baby, for she's only a baby

When you take her with you, lad

You are taking all we had

I know she'll be a comfort to you like she's always been to me

So do be kind and keep unhappiness away

And when you find her golden hair is turning gray

Continue to treat her like a baby

[2nd verse:]

See those sweethearts

Rocking a cradle with a baby boy

After a year of wedded bliss, he came to bring them joy

Listen to them planning his future

Hear his father say

"I picture some girl's mother

Saying to him someday"

[double version:]

I would like to marry you, honey

-You don't mean it, dear

Honest and truly, won't you have me?

-You won't do, I fear

I've saved up a bundle of money

-Love you cannot buy

How can I make you love me?

-Dear, would you like to try?


-Treat me like a baby

You'll grow tired of it maybe

-Baby names just set me wild

I think you're a spoiled child

-At night when I grow tired and weary

I'll hold you on my knee

-And while I sleep

I'll keep the "boogie-man" away

-I'll never weep

And when your hair is turning gray

-Continue to treat me

Like a baby

Ирвинг Берлинский

Always Treat Her Like A Baby 24 Aug 1914 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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