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Along Came Ruth 1 May 1914

1st verse:]

I had girls by the score

Yes, a hundred or more

Each one as nice as could be

It was hard to decide

Which I'd want for my bride

They all looked lovely to me

While I was trying to choose one

I met a wonderful girl

She came tripping along

Like a beautiful song

Setting my brain in a whirl


I was growing very fond of Molly

When along came Ruth, along came Ruth

I thought an awful lot of Dolly

When Ruth came along

My head began to "Merry-go-round"

I almost married Polly

I was making love to May

When along came Ruth

And to tell the truth

She stole my heart away

[2nd verse:]

There's a right little girl

With the right little curl

For ev'ry right little boy

When she comes, you'll forget

All the others you've met

Sorrow will turn into joy

She doesn't have to be pretty

She doesn't have to be wise

When she comes you will find

Tho' they say love is blind

She'll make you open your eyes

Ирвинг Берлинский

Along Came Ruth 1 May 1914 / Ирвинг Берлинский

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