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 Iron Savior Iron SaviorНемецкая группа, играющая в стиле пауэр-метал

After The War

[The war is over and the warrior returns to where he belongs...]


I saw the shadow decline

In another world, another time

Reflecting battles full of fear

So far away from home

Death has been near


I fought for liberty and faith

For survival of our race

The toll of blood it has been high

The dead will never see again

The sun up in the sky


I will return

Return to where I belong

Where I belong

I will be

Be with you after this war

After this war


What I saw beyond the gate

Eternal darkness - our fate

In everlasting night

Deserted and destroyed

An empire without light


The flame of hope kept me alive

The iron will survive

I did the things I had to do

And in my very soul

I've always been with you


I will return...

I had to leave it all behind

On my way to the other side

What to find ?

I had to go

Into the unknown

Through all my fear

You have been here

Here in my heart

[Solo Piet]

I will return...

Ohh, after the war

Iron Savior

After The War / Iron Savior

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