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Covet The Night

Garden of the Gods

2000 Catsongs Productions

Steal the sun right out of the sky

No need to ever ask why

Breathe the shadows

and sense the thunder

No need to keep it asunder

Graven images feed my mind

Wake up to another time

The air is cool and the air is free

You'll never ever see me

Covet the night - something

here's not quite right

Covet the night - never

see the bright sunlight

Covet the night - Grab

the world by the cover of night

Covet the night

Time to go, time to run

Somebody's let out the sun

Fallen angels race for the night

Blinded by the laser light

So we pray for the setting sun

Breathe easier when the day is done

Crimes of passion in your ear

Dead silence is what you fear

As we wander through the night

There are few signs of life

Creatures like us band together

Going from here to never

The moon wanes overhead

Questions asked but nothings said

You've seen the demons of the light

That's why it's forever night

Covet The Night /

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