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The Fugitive


On a cold October morning

As frost lay on the ground

Waiting to make my move

I made no sound

Waiting for the mist to cover all around

I carefully picked my time then took the wall

I'm sick and tired of running

The hunger and the pain

A stop to look about then off again

Being at the wrong place

And at the wrong time

Suspected of a hit that was my crime


I am a fugitive being hunted down like game

I am a fugitive but I've got to clear my name

Always looking 'round me

Forever looking back

I'll always be a target for attack

Every morning onwards

Always on the run

Waiting for a sivght of a loaded gun


Even if I find them

And get to clear my name

I know that things can never be the same

But if I ever prove

My innocence some day

I've got to get them all to make them pay


Iron Maiden

The Fugitive / Iron Maiden

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