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 Iron Maiden Iron MaidenБританская рок-группа

New Frontier


Bleeding you dry from the start

The sum of my parts

To give it away

New life in a day

Some new Frankenstein

Damned for all time

Cursed by the angel who fell

Who saves me from hell?

And who is my god?

And where is my soul?

Too tired to jump too young to run


Neverending, forever searching

Chasing dreams, the dreams of my heart

Always seeking, always asking

Questions right from the start


Out beyond the new frontier

Playing god without mercy, without fear

Create a beast, made a man without a soul

Is it worth the risk - a war of god and man?

Is it worth the risk - a war of god and man?

I want to end my life now

But I don't know how

Recycled again a lifetime of pain

The spawn of a man

The devil has planned



Iron Maiden

New Frontier / Iron Maiden

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