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Children Of The Damned

(Steve Harris)

He's walking like a small child

But watch his eyes burn you away

Black holes in his golden stare

God knows he wants to go home

Children of The Damned

[repeat another 3 times]

He's walking like a dead man

If he had lived he would crucified us all

Now he's standing on his last step

He thought oblivion well it beckons us all

Children of The Damned

[repeat 3 times]

Now it's burning his hands he's turning to laugh

Smiles as the flame sears the flesh

Melting his face screaming in pain

Peeling the skin from his eyes

Watch him die according to plan

He's dust on ground what did we learn

You're Children of The Damned

Your back's against the wall

You turn into the light

You're burning in the night

You're Children of The Damned

Like candles watch them burn

Burning in the light

You'll burn again tonight

You're Children of The Damned

Iron Maiden

Children Of The Damned / Iron Maiden

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