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The struggle is over, the boys are defeated

Old Ireland's surrounded with sadness and gloom

We were defeated and shamefuIIy treated

And I, Robert Emmet, awaiting my doom

Hung, drawn and quartered, sure that was my sentence

But soon I will show them no coward am I

My crime is the love of the land I was born in

A hero I lived and a hero I'll die


Bold Robert Emmet, the darling of Ireland

Bold Robert Emmet will die with a smile

Farewell companions both loyal and daring

I'll lay down my life for the Emerald Isle

The barque lay at anchor awaiting to bring me

Over the billows to the land of the free

But I must see my sweetheart for I know she will cheer me

And with her I will sail far over the sea


But I was arrested and cast into prison

Tried as a traitor, a rebel, a spy

But no man can call me a knave or a coward

A hero I lived and a hero I'll die


Hark! I the bell's tolling, I well know its meaning

My poor heart tells me it is my death knell

In come the clergy, the warder is leading

I have no friends here to bid me farewell

Goodbye, old Ireland, my parents and sweetheart

Companions in arms to forget you must try

I am proud of the honour, it was only my duty

A hero I lived and a hero I'll die



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