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From East to West, from North to South,

They tried to hunt the column out

But the tans were forced to go without

The boys of Barry's Column

In armoured cars they came to stay,

And wipe the Irish cowards away

But oh, the lovely holiday

Was stopped by Barry's Column


Oh but isn't great to see

The Tommies and the R.I.C

The black and tans and the Staters flee

Away from Barry's Column

By, George might have some wiley tricks

And have the volunteers to fix

Yet all his black and tans go sick

When they think of Barry's Column

His ships all come in red and black,

No tanks or war equipment lack

Yet o'er the sea, they'll ne'er get back

If caught by Barry's Column

[Chorus repeat]

Along the lonely road they wind

Armed in front, and armed behind

"We're sorry, but that bridge is mine"

Said the lads of Barry's Column

They stopped to rest just for a spell

Some hand-grenades upon them fell

"Here sort them out among yourselves"

Said the lads from Barry's Column

[Chorus repeat]


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