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Part of the Divine

Mati changed her name to Katie,

Katies changed her name to Allie,

Billy wants to be like Jimi,

Jimi wants to be like me.

Everybodys after something,

Most they come away with nothing.

The jewel that you possess,

Well its the greatest one to me.


You, youre the one that makes me happy.

You, youre the one , so let it shine!

The spark is the part of your heart that Im after,

The rest of it falls away in time.

Mati, shes the North star flashing,

Katie, shes the sun and the moon.

Billy, hes the sound of silence,

Jimi, hes the masters tune.

Tuning out can lead to boredom,

When youre bored you just dont care.

After that you become hateful,

And a frown is all you wear.

Dont be like everybody else dont be so blind,

Youll see yourself soon clearly -

Part of the divine. Part of the divine.

You dont have to wait, you dont have to wait,

You dont have to wait, have to wait so long.



You dont have to wait, you dont have to wait.

Part of the Divine /

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