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Have a Piece of Peace

Battle is bitter and malice is mean,

Annoyance is angry and jealousy's green.

Distress is upsetting and stress is a stain,

Take a deep breath, this is only a game.


We just cut the calm, have a slice of serenity.

Have a piece of peace, try the tranquility.

Your faith is fried, but have you tried just taking it slow?

Take some good will to go.

Injurys agony, heartbreak is hated,

Im worried, upset, Im discombobulated.

I could use a soothing smoothie, a thick and tranquil treat.

Its easy to appease me, relax my friends - lets eat.


Peace in the Middle East, its worthy of a feast,

Salaam, Shalom, its G-d, Hes on the phone.

Italians call it Pache,

Germans call it Pox,

Try German chocolate pizza, heres a bagel for your lox.

Shantis Punjabi, wasabee is hot, the French say Pie, in the face,

Hey thanks a lot.

Heiwa, thats Japanese and Paz they say in Spain...

Spanish rice and Sushi will cure all your aches and pains.


Have a Piece of Peace /

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