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Ani Ohev

I have worked this field, for many long years.

I know the harvest seems to be running late.

But in my mind, I know I fit in somewhere.

The time has come for me to cultivate.


Ani Ohev...I didnt know youd be here.

Otach at Kdosha- to see you and feel you.

Ani Ohev otach at K'dosha- (I love you; you are holy.)

to see you and feel you

And then to go home alone.

Every man has his time, this might well be mine.

Prepared to take a stand, G-d knows if Ill take a wife.

But the way you understand, Ive been singing you all my life.


How it shakes, how it shakes my frame.

I close my eyes to catch the flame.

The moment is, and then it changes.

Flowing still, then rearranges,

Onto the sea, the sea of flame - the sea of flame!


K'va Moed- Hamoed higeah (The time is coming, the time is here!)

Ani Ohev /

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