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Drive on

i) After all

Following everything I've known

I was wondering all alone

Waiting for a time that might have been

My own way down

Suddenly everything is wrong

have I really been gone so long?

Hanging by the nails

Across my idle eyes so wide

And after all the days of fading senses

This has taken more

Than I had to give

If we face the one we've been avoiding

And I'm out of all control again

Let me go

Gathering comforting remains

I was unprepared, running scared

Faltering, and why do I hold on?

It's gone, I know

And after all the days of fading senses

I don't feel the same

And I want to live

The insecurity of never knowing

Has the race been run

And is the long day done?

ii) Fading senses (instrumental)


Drive on / IQ

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