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Sold on You

If I won't live a lie it's in my self defence

That I remember hiding then

If I'm eroding all the innocence

Am I running rigid once again?

And he won't hear me now in the darkest hour

I'll never see him now

Oh I can take the mystery in the darkest hour

And he won't hurt me now

If we are lost in paradise

Our recollection all but gone

We will make the only sacrifice

For the strength to carry on

In spite of everything I recognise the end

And feel the scars that never heal

I keep the purity, buried as I am

In an effort to conceal

Don't underestimate what I've retained

All my souvenirs, forget-me-nots,

I'll pretend all you want me to

I won't believe it if you don't

Burn it up again, it's here and I've

Let it live through other stolen lives

Save your hollow breath

Feast your tired eyes

You need protection as well as I

Nothing any good ever came from me

Thought I could run you in the ground

What do I do, what kind of fool

Covers you like an animal?

Out of the way,

I'm anyone wilder than you are

Anyone who ever had a heart

Wouldn't deny me

Woe betide the one, not to be outdone,

Who will remember all that stuff,

Didn't I say it then enough?

If I could let it be, I would

Start it again, when does it end?

I'm in there somewhere

Nobody can carry me over

Now the dead winds have blown

With the cold rains

If I should fall from your side

Keep it in your mind

How I tried to keep him here

How I promised he'd be safe

And he never said a word

And he never cried

Another day leads me on

And I will follow

Whatever it takes now, I'll do

If it's over

And he won't hurt me now, I know


Sold on You / IQ

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