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The Wake

Singing praises was never a feature

Encouraged in me or my kind.

Every time they remain with my hand to my mouth,

The crowded borders leave me colour-blind;

Pushing me for the death warmed up

And the flowers and fur to parade,

In the time that it takes for the ritual wake

They've broken all the promises they made.

I was driven away to distraction and

Couldn't see we were all laid to waste,

Never sleeping, I saw my abduction from

Solid areas fallen with grace.

I come drifting through the draughting

Dropping out of sight,

I'm not begging for love, I'm empty as I am.

I'm beginning to wonder is the ability too weak?

If this stark interior surrounds me, am I so unique?

Little blue souvenir to remind me of

Restless days when I should have said No,

And you know that I've nothing to share with you

For the chance of the love that we save:

I wanted to be magnificent

For the less-than-a-lifetime of mine,

I forget where I came in,

All I know there's no discipline now.



The Wake / IQ

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