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Sightless he watches the columns collide

As he wanders the canyons relentlessly wide

Empires are burning, the rain cuts his skin

And in every direction the sound closes in

Time, only time, have I

And already I’m not okay

He falls in with the unwashed and unfed

He will sleep for the first time, no crib for a bed

In these extraordinary lanes

He is blind again, unaware still

From the greatest height and to furthest end

Without association, he will bend

And walkin g with the wounded, old and thin

Made to be paraded, bring the misfit in

How to overpower the avenues of steel

In my illusion, what of this is real?

Sleepless incidental, what I really need

Is how to now avoid the full stampede

I’m only taking time

And I’m not where I want to be now



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