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Death Over Life

Verse 1:

Just show me your side.

Rise up from the wall we know & she's.

Hung out on vines.

Soon rolls the sea.

Spillin out from her mouth into overflow.

Back into me.


She moves & it's fire. (we wonder why)

Speaking insane. (she speaks my name)

We all really want to.

Your the only one who can.


Lives getting younger.

It changed all the dreams that I have.

Here we die again.

Bridge 1:

How could I always choose death over life. [X2]

How could I go straight through the hell. (why?)

Seein' how she's trying to dream.

Verse 2:

Sraight through the sky

She seen as a bright light to anyone.

How low is that.

The weight of the world.

Trailin' out to the last dream discover's me.

Alive & tired.



Bridge 2:

I used to see something through the ashes.

I never want to teach anything new.

I shoot the clouds in the rain. (slowly)

Pre [Verse 1 in background]


Bridge 1 [X4]

Death Over Life /

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