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Who Pays The Price

Yes it's dark sometimes

When the people are shoving

Pushing you into the ground

And you cry in the daylight

With the sun in your eyes

Even though you know you're not alone

And it's all been felt before

You stare through your window

And wonder if there's gonna be more

It brings you down

It's like a war

Who pays the price

If you want more

It's the quiet desperation of a million lives

Gonna make you change your ways

We got everything we wanted

But forgot how we got it

Just can't paint it golden anyway

And the strength of all you're giving

Is gonna make the changes

Tomorrow's gonna bring a new day

As the years go by

Will it show on your face

Or stay hidden behind some door

Yeah you made your resolutions

With the will of a priest

But you're not so sure anymore

And the reasons why you're living

Keep changing

Every time you find a key you find more


Who Pays The Price / INXS

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