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Viking Juice

If this was easy

Where would I be

I haven't said I have all the answers

How could anyone

Can't stop looking at the lights

All around my head

I'm missing the darker side

Of the man

He's on his knees

Looking for the door

But everybody's

Giving him applause

Crashed the car

Into a wall

But everybody's

Calling for more

It's called the end of rock and roll

These days are numbered

Counted out in loss

Faith and spirit

Walking hand in hand

To meet a wall

Made of sound

But where does that sound

Find a place today

Maybe we came to the wrong show

I've seen this before

Oh shadow take me

Leave nothing still

'cause I've not seen the miracle

How could anyone

We ask too much of the song

To come and save our souls

When all it's trying to do now

Is save its own


Viking Juice / INXS

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