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Calling All Nations

Well you spent the whole day

With your axe to the wheel

Read the late paper it was full of bad news

Excuse me but I think what I'm saying is true

You've got to find some time and devote it to you

So come on down

To the party

Callin' all nations

To put it on the line

So come on all you people with the stars in your hair

You know what's going on

There's no need to despair

Take the chains from your mind

Take the chains from your feet

And do the sex dance 'cause it's necessary

You don't have to be rich

You don't have to be famous

You just gotta have a little bit of patience

Jump into your old car

Or take a cab, train or boat

The only thing that matters

Is that ya gotta really go


Calling All Nations / INXS

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