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Occurrence Concealed

Is poverty the plague of the new generation?

Economical corruption caused by leaders of oppression

Cheating you with words false and meaningless to them

Fascism and hate is the law they're living for!

Rottenness revealed in the higher men's places

Greed and corruption are shattering the weak

Giving all illusions to their own necessity

If you will survive you must fight on your own!


Putridity revealed - interminable destitution

Occurrence concealed - solicitudes expiration

Putridity revealed - interminable destitution

Occurrence concealed - solicitudes expiration

Ruling governments are taking every chance

To destroy, dispose and none will live it through

Shattered ideas, the population is betrayed

Deceived and displeased, criminal reinforcement!

Born to poverty, is this what you expect

From a government of brains to which we all pay?

All tyrannical leaders are chosen by their own

So you'll never live to see a life without greed!


[Lead: Schultz, Hansen, Schultz, Hansen]

The conditions of life become difficult to see

Will this ever stop or is it just meant to be?

Raging and hating grow fast among the poor

Insurrection of hunger is now a waste of time

Unemployment rises

in the lower social life

A scaring, dreadful subject

which all are talking about

But who will have the strength

and possess the guts it needs

To change this putrid plague

and destroy it for lifetime


Behind this painted surface the decay is clear to see

Destroying what they can, no nature left behind

Exploitation, greed, corruption, aren't them an end?

Defalcation, need, oppression, this will never chan

Occurrence Concealed /

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