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Since The Day

Since the mournful day she died

I've committed no crime

I'm living with my black heart

Huddled up like a child

Gold dust underneath my feet

I'll reach Heaven's gates

I'm living by the black light

I sense the smell of blood

I remember her dress of blood

My face drowning in there

Just screaming in the black night

Praying not to be there

Heartache, pain - all that remain

It's raining in my heart

I can still hear their sad barks

Of the dogs of hell


I can't turn around

Death's ghost is behind

I can't go away

I need to cast off my bonds

I can't live

I can play

By the Devil's rules

But I can't like a game

When the dice are loaded

By a sadistic cheater

I can play with madness

But I can't bring her back

Back to life...

My heart spills out all over the floor

I don't want to live anymore

I only stay in the dark

I cry every blessed day

I won't say that I'm innocent

But I've paid for my crimes

I have explored my dark side

I'm very close to death.

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