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Car Crash

When I jump into my car, I turn the volume up

I shake my head against the beat, then I can feel my pulse

The sign of living fast

Hear my motor purr

Get right, get right

The race is my religion, the steering wheel my heart

I know I am burning my life, I'm sitting near to Death

Screaming at the windscreen

It's more than I can bear

Get right, get right


Hear the crushing steel, tears in my eyes

Where is my glory, I feel so sad

Start to make the wheels squeal, I love this sound of pain

Suddenly I felt the wind, blow into my head

Then I saw a man

And I heard his voice

"He's dying, he's dying"

It was on a Friday morning

And on a foggy street

On the road I could see

The lorry of Death seeming to rise from nowhere

Car Crash /

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