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Forbidden Epitaph

I am the undead, in vain you try to stop me.

In vain you've kill my flash

I hate you cause you hate me

I am the sum of your fears, unholy and always awake

I can smell your thoughts

I can hear your mind. I make no mistakes

Forbidden epitaph, whritten with upside down words!

Forbidden epitaph above an empty tomb

You're soulless and worthless

Nothing can stop you to die

Evil! Godless! Your own life makes you cry

Death and life are twins

So why do you love your life?

While worms will dig your corpse,

Your spirit will arise

I'll died but I'll come

As ghost to trouble your mind

Anger! Fury!

Against what I used to be

Above an empty tomb

The evil takes a look

I read the forbidden words

I call the unholy lords

I've carved the ancient curse on stone.

Forbidden Epitaph /

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