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I know the storm is coming, dark clouds cover the sky

And I know I'll never see another day.

The wind keeps saying It's a good day to die,

And together we'll search infinity.

I fight for no one's throne,

Don't fight for justice, don't fight for peace,

I have a blind rage deep in my bones,

I'm the one who brings the devil's kiss.

Hate! Hate is all that I feel!

Fear! The only thing that is real!


I have a single friend in the blade in my hand

And I have a single wish for when I'm dead,

To quench the thirst of every beast around

And to die across the fields, nature red.

I fee; your fear a thousand miles away.

There's no point in running, on your marks I'll stay!

Now I see your lips kissing the mud

And I will feast in your blood!

Berzekir /

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