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Ancient of Days

I've broke away from a lot of things

That I thought would improve my life

But the one thing taht im sure of is my love for Jesus Christ

Big car, big house, big bank, but still empty insyde

I may not be a superstar

But there's some things money can't buy

A carefree attitude is what I leave the house with everyday

Because I know if mountains come

They'll be moved from my way

I believe in Him with every ounce of faith in me

All my chains will break and I will be set free

Because He is the one

I'm guaranteed to have fun

If problems come

I will not run

No damage will be done


I go on with my life and let Him live through me

Try to set good examples so outsiders can see

You don't have to find your answwers

In the smoke from a toke

Cause Jesus Christ my savior is the only way to go

I know when I die I'm gonna leave this chunk of dirt

And go to a place with streets of gold

Like nothing seen on earth

You can sit and cry or you can come with me

All you have to do is ask of Him and He will set you free

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