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Our Wars

If the world is an empire, I must be a rebel

Im sick and tired of giving in to the devil

Thoughts running through my head, travel at the speed of light

The devil tries to drown me, like a person in carbonite

Its time to take a stand, its time to do whats right

Not giving in to the itch coming from the Dark Side

In my heart Ive been forgiven, paid on my death

Its time to put a try to put a bounty on Bobba Fett

Ready for a battle, reminiscent of the Death Star

Satan is running but he wont get very far

See Gods power, faster than the speed of light

You live by the sword, die by saber light.

Better since hes ever won were getting ready to attack

Forces of the dark side, scared of looking back

Victory cry, long live the king

Observation that Jesus brings

Jesus Christ is my Jedi master

Coming at you like a laser blaster

Is it me? How could this be?

Wont stop until Im free

Our Wars /

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