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Trigger Happy

Man this world's going down the tubes

With gangs and guns and drug abuse

For the moment whatcha got to lose

Extend a hand, do what you can do

This is my cry, this is my plea

To make a better society

Do you want to see insyde of me?

Wake up and smell the coffee

Any punk can point and pull the trigger

But it takes a real man to bite your lip and to take a stand

Any punk can point and pull the trigger

To walk away is a loss of pride but at least you're still alive

Gotta act big, gotta stare me down

You're actin' stupid like a drunken clown

You could be foolin, may be jokin around

Someday your jokes may put you in the ground

Lord, oh please, I'm so confused

Why do they do what they do?

Why can't they focus more on you?

They are blind to the truth

Put down your guard, let your fists relax

Don't need your boys to get your back

Say something nice, don't always attack

No one gets hurt, no one gets whacked

Change your style and you will see

It is much better in unity

No more violence, no more pain

Jesus saves from going down the drain

Trigger Happy /

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