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The Cause

* multiple gunshots *

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]

Yo, when we do this, we do it for real

We do it for the love, we do it for the money

For the cash, for the women, the birds

We do it for the foundation, for the people

No matter how we do it, we do it for The Cause

Yea, yo

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]

What you in for? What you live for?

What you die for? I hope its for The Cause


What you work for? What you stand for?

What you strive for? I hope its for The Cause

[Inspectah Deck]

Inspectah, rhyme beretta nine in ya sector

Wet the scenery with extreme measures

Supreme lecture, bless the heads, you dare enter

the 9th Chamber, dance with the mind bender

Surrender your thrown, there's no room for pretenders

Bystander pollyin worldwide with nine members

Distributin, my verbal sharp shootin

While I execute the deadliest moves with fine tunin

Duel of the Iron Mic bound to spark fusion

Movin at the speed of light, nice at what I'm doin

Drop it in ya brain like spice, without the five mics

Heads roll off hilltops when I strike

Sniper aim, stick you up for your price of fame

Like the flame, watch you get hot inside the game

Recognize my name, I.N.S., your highness

I rep for live sets, place ya bets, make ya threats

There's no cure, even the experts are stunned

My work is done as soon as I've just begun *echo*



Strictly, Streetlife, I never play a fan of the fame

Just build on my name, and master the slang

I'm hittin harder than a lot of artists in the game

I'm lyrically inclined, rockin just the same

Than any MC who ship platinum or gold

And only recoup to pay back what you sold

Over budget your video, got pimped like

The Cause /

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