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Show and Prove

Chorus: Sample (Inspectah Deck)]

The power of God's in you (show and prove)

The power of God's in you (show and prove)

The power of God's in you (show and prove)

True The time has come through

Chose the few must show and prove

[Intro: Inspectah Deck *in the the background of the chorus*]

Yea this is the power true power

Showin and provin

[Inspectah Deck]

I once asked God to forgive for my sins

Bent on my knees pleadin to be heavenly cleansed

Said the Holy Ghost changed the ways and actions of men

When I stood, I felt the same as if I just walked in

I was twelve at the time, held nines, held mines

A frail mind, criminal thoughts well-designed

Then the Older Gods put me on, on how to rock this

Maintain, 360, lord and live prosperous

His jewel was priceless, keep the cypher righteous

Bare in mind, God, some of your own won't like this

I'm mentally scarred, recooperatin from abrasure

Fooled by interpretations made from a traitor

It's in my nature, I was taught, that's the first law

Obtain the food, clothin and the shelter that I search for

The fire in my eyes is hot as Earth's core

What hurts more, the fact that we still dirt poor

In hard times force crimes out of honest man

And most fiend to see the so-called promised land

Sun of Man, knowledge, wisdom and understand

that it's time to take matters in our own hands


[Inspectah Deck]

The wicked ways of the world can't escape sin

I'm facin masses gun on the plantation

Seen source from home yet I'm still caved in

Cuz 9000 miles is such a long way to swim

and many die tryin to survive the next mile

Famillies was raised as slaves and exiled

I learned it as a child, knowledge be the key

to unlock your brain and set your mindstate free

It's true, the times come through, chose the few

Show and prove, the power of God's in you

or remain a savage in pursuit of happiness

Who lacks jewels, love and peace completes the package

The fact is five out a hundred know the truth

The wisdom might blow the roof when shown and proved


[Inspectah Deck]

Through the course of time, we was dumb, deaf and blind

Now we on the incline, build with one mind

Came a long way, but, yo, we still far behind

So, uplift the mind, God, rise and shine

I speak to the black-bellied yellow seeds

My fellow breed all races, colors and creeds

Search for the knowledge, use science and math

and be queens and kings like the centuries past

The devil tried to fool my people, said we was equal

But I believe him when my culture sees freedom

You beat 'em with the positive thoughts, you don't need em

Leave him in the dirt, let the blood suckers see him

[Chorus to fade

Show and Prove /

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