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Children grow and women produce

and men go work and some go stealin

everyone's got to make a livin"

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]

Yo yo murderous specialist tactics

In effect y'all in effect y'all

In effect y'all yo yo

Yea it's all about it's all about

It's all about how you live it

It's all about how you live it

How you live it...

[Inspectah Deck]

Yo a big time slinger named Ty from Bed-stuy

Had all the drug blocks locked on the westside

Nickels and dimes, sellin drugs of all kinds

But never seen on the streets in the day time

When it gets dark and the clock strikes six

If you standin on the block, you gots to face the click

Prepare to be stuck, young buck, you wanna gamble?

Got to pay dues if you plan to scramble

Ty has spots, glocks, knots in the web for throwin away cops

He had a piece named Alice, she was no joke

Quick to wet a nigga who tryin to cut throat

But, yo, Ty was no new Jack, he knew that

he was marked for death cuz niggaz had contracts

He had mad uzis in his crib

He paid 300 g's in the boondocks in Jersey

And at his lab was the '98 Lex with the rag

He never drove cuz he moves in cabs

A veteran in art of drug peddlin

No one could stop him or knock him cuz he's headed in

the direction that gets his click filthy rich

for gettin paid on the night shift

"Everyone's got to make a livin" (x4)

[Inspectah Deck]

On the shadowy midtown streets, there's a hooker

Crafty-ass hoe by the name of brown sugar

Large as a blimp, mad miss wearin garments

like mink coats cuz she cut her pimp's throat

The ordinary prostitute, she got the Power U

made niggaz come back, spendin mad loot

Her style's wild with the blade in her purse

Slice her twice before you feel the first

Sweatin Madison Avenue high-class bars

with plenty of Broadway stars and fly cars

Swingin her back to the labs that they rest at

Hittin her off with stacks for her sex acts

and all types of expensive merchandise

Diamonds, gold, whatever fits the price

Yo, she didn't need no man, she had the upper hand

walkin around with grands wrapped in rubber bands

For real, she was colder than blue steel

Millitant bitch with a switch and high heals

Daylight strikes, yo, the hoe was out of sight quick

And at night, she's back on the strip for the night shift

"Everyone's got to make a livin" (x4)

[Inspectah Deck]

Yo, a kid named Keith, he's a professional car thief

Cops give him props, his pops is the police chief

Model citizen, no jail convictions

Night time, flippin on a stolen car mission

Roll up in parkin lot, find a dark spot

Grab the screwdriver, pop the car lock

One hand pose, layin by the windows

Tryin to get the dough before the chop shop close

No acs, no macks, no Jeeps and cheddars

Benzes, Lexes, 50 grand and better

Tenants organized to stop his ball

But he gots the fall to get paid and make a pocket full

Early AM, he's at it again

Pop the trunk, snipped the alarm and made his way in

Then make his way out without a doubt

on a route to get hit, with a nice large amount

for the night shift

"Everyone's got to make a livin" (x4

Nightshift /

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