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Grand Prix

featuring Street Life U God

[Inspectah Deck]

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the lyrical grand prix

We have our drivers racin for a $3 000 000 purse

Winner takes all gentlemen start your engines...

Give me room hit the tune

Feature presentation comin soon early June

Killa Bee platoon well groomed

Spells doom raise the volume

You react like a werewolf in a full moon

With the force of a trojan horse

Pushin, flowin, have your seatbelt fastened

We blastin into orbit, Wu restore the new chamber

Wu-banger number 9, expert precision and design

Mastermind the plan took a matter of time

>From the confinds of the cold world I shine

It's amazin, the grace, changin in the place

Blazin the brakes, invadin your space

Which remains in the race, claimin first place

Raisin the stakes, it's a game to disgrace

I hold many jewels, drop more than I wear

I come in peace, prepare for the warfare

The invincible fold, when they're caught in the square

and the talk mad shit when the coast is clear

Yes, ladies and gentlemen

We've just completed the first lap

[Street Life]

Blood kin, knowledge, knowledge, I build with rap scholars

Guns and wallets, prowess, Staten Island stylist

12 men roster, live long, prosper

Street philosopher, you end up like Jimmy Hoffa

Ain't a damn thing changed but the aim, bullet range

Strange universe, I was nursed to blow your mainframe

Think first, convert, all verse live in concert

Pull a skirt, burst, while y'all niggaz star search

Mind your's, why you eyein mines for

Posin like a Matten dog, I must got somethin you wanna die for

Touch mine, reach him up, his headline, both grant

9 inch rusty splint push through your nose is vent

Got my eyes on the grand prize, place your bet

Watch me win it by a landslide, pull off an upset

Hold the burner close by my hands and my pocket

Hold the trophy high and keep my eyes on the prophet

[Inspectah Deck]

And a new driver has entered the contest

Ladies and gentlemen, driver number 99

In the red car...


Fog lights beam, car 99 supreme

A high-powered machine spits sparks of baroline

The smell of gasoline, motor roar, the crowd roars

The rag tuck rip, box cut caught in my jaws

Enforcin my laws, rap mirage in my garage

The grease lightnin, dusty rose, shake him, bon voyage

Now duel of the iron, flyin fued for you writers

The speed demon, rebel talk, triggers, freedom fighters

Was tracked in the cock pit, I'm writin exact

I'm crushin corners, who that kid ridin the track

with the Wu helmet, 6th nigga, 5 cars track

The last but not least, I bliss through the scrimmage

No brakes, I dart, I'm racin for the finish

Understand my hunger for my land down under

It's the thunderous rush, after the sounds get crush

The purse snatchin pound, by all means snatch cream

tear your ass out of town

[Inspectah Deck]

As we near the final lap

Team Wu-Tang seems to be buildin

a sizeable lead on the competition

Yo, I know how to fold 'em like Kenny Rogers

Popular demand, overstand these pirahnas

Movin on the track like a Monaco GT

I stand out similar to 3D on your TV

Easily breezin watchin the speed dial climb

Style of rhyme, left the foes miles behind

Leavin skid marks on the charts

Aimed at the hearts of the fake, sparked on the tapes

It's starts from the gate, darts penetrate

Freestyle as the decoy to sharpen the bait

Holdin major weight, my Supreme Team dominates

Circulatin, takin all bets you plates

In and out of state, twirlin L's on the freeway

NY to SC, NC to VA, GA to MD, CA to KY

FL to IL, TX to MI

As we near the checkered flake, ladies and gentlemen

Team Wu-Tang's holdin down the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions

And it looks like it's goin to be another sure win for Team Wu-Tang

As they take home another pot of gold with this $3,000,000 purse

Rebel INS, U-God, Street Life

Get the loot, get the loot

Cash money y'all, cash money y'all, cash money y'all

Grand Prix /

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