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Forget Me Not

Inspectah Deck (Unknown singer)]

(Baby...) Bitch! You know what I want!

(Sweet love.) I wanna talk to Sampson.

(Girl... sweet love.. feel.)

I want yo' sweet ?

(Yeah baby. Sweet love.)

Yeah BBC status. (Girl.)

Mockin' birds like Zorro

(Feel... baby.. sweet love.)

(Girl... sweet thing... feel what I feel?)

Ghetto princess told me she settled out in Flushin' Meadow

Fly chick rockin' size six Skiletos

Drapped-out in tailor made leather and suede

A serenade for the moment, then we part ways

What a child girl, quiet at home, huggin' the pilow and phone

Now you're grown, rollin' bones, holdin' your own

I admire, attire be bold just like her attitude

Jewels from head to toe, glowin' natural

I'm after you, your style's what I'm attracted to

Realize it and keep it movin' when you do pass thru

Knowin' when we bump heads, we will soon bump hips

To be swimmin' in an ocean of love that sunk ships

Homin' with the tight grip, come thunderous

To wake up reminicisin' and spark the blunt clip

Have you lovin' it, wonderin' if I shall return

Forget me not, enternally the flame burns

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck, (unknown singer)]

Forget me not (Baby, sweet love.)

Forget me not (Girl, feel what I feel?)

(Baby, sweet love. Girl, feel what I feel?)

[Inspectah Deck]

Last August, I met this hard chick, caught a carbon pick

'bout to visit her, man, in month six

Just comin' home from a two year trip

Now we 'bout to do two 'cause her man turned snitch

She under pressure, want me to come rescue her

but Inspectah is no haven for the rester

I feel you breakin' out but it's the path you chose

Fuckin' your foes will have sons breakin' your nose

I see her once or twice now as weeks went by

She'd slide by tryin' to hide the black eyes

Lookin' right though, I might go for her seduction

Dangerous curves, I must avoid bein' sucked in

Lustin', I caught her at the function

Slid out the side, saw the ride and jumped in

Later on, the fox unlatched the black box

Got her rocks then collapsed from the backshots


[Inspectah Deck]

(Last night...) changed it all, I had a ball

First of all, I got an obscene phonecall

All I heard was heavy breathin', laugh sounds and moans

An intimate kiss followed by the dial tone

Repeatedly, this person kept callin' my home

Givin' graphic details of her sexual jones

No clue of who, must've been a total stranger

Annoyin' me, yeah, but talkin' me out my anger

State your name and stop playin' games

If you wanna spark flames, it can be arranged

On your side of town, right around now

What you workin' with, let me know how it's goin' down

Then the phone clicked, then once again, it rang

with directions to the lab, where she's doin' her thang

To my surprise, when I arrived, she had her legs cocked

I got her red hot and blessed the wet spot

[Chorus to fade]

[Outro: Inspectah Deck *in the background of the chorus*]

Yeah, BBC status.

Mockin' birds like Zorro

Give me a phonecall tomorrow

Forget Me Not /

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