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In The Halls Of Awaiting

Evening full of grandeur, skies tinged with red

Mountains crowned with crimson, treetops with scarlet blaze

As the dusk is falling, night settles in

Stars slowly come out, moon glides skywards

...Still cheerless is in my soul, my heart filled with cares...

Longing for the misty shores, weather-beaten strands so poor

Where the weeping sky archs over water calm

Pining for primeval woods, murky shade of leafy roof

Where the silent trees arch over our path

Do you walk in mourning, still wear the grief

Raiment of sorrow, remembrance of me

Through the years of bleakness, winters of bitter cold

Will you not forget me, forsake my soul

...Low-spirited is my song, downhearted my tune...

Beyond enchanted sea, wistful is my sleep

Darkness by my side, through the dreary night

Will you follow me, through eternity

To another world, to the quiet halls

I've lost my way in the dark, strayed apart from my love

I've faced the demons of might, passed away into shades

Long are lonely years, slowly pass these days

In undying land, in the divine light

Where I wait...in the dark

The black of the night turns to dusk of the dawn

Through the mist now shines the fairest light of all

The caress I've waited for eternity

Into the shades, together we fade

In The Halls Of Awaiting /

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