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Love, Me


Oh L'amour broke my heart now I'm aching for you

Mon amour what's a boy in love supposed to do?

Lookin' for you, you were looking for me

I was reaching for you, you were too blind to see

Oh love of my heart, why leave me alone,

I'm falling apart, no good on my own.


Why throw it away, why walk out on me?

I just left for the day for the way it should be

There once was a time I had you here by my side,

You said I wasn't your kind, only here for the ride.


What's a boy in love supposed to do?

Oh L'amour....

No emotional ties, you don't remember my name,

I lay down and die, I'm only to blame,

Oh love of my heart, it's up to you now,

You tore me apart, I hurt inside out

(Repeat chorus)

Love, Me /

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