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Insane Clown Posse (ICP)


Only some of you won't be waking up. Ahahahah. As for the rest of

you, sit back, put on your PJs and nighties while the story entitled


What the fuck is up?!

I'm in haughhh!

And Violent J is finna tell a story

So sit your ass down

Shut the fuck up

And get stoned, motherfucker

Well, I'm waking up so early, cuz I knew this day would come

My daddy's passed out with an empty bottle of rum

Although she's been gone long, I do not miss my mother

And he's a sorry fuck, so there's nothing in the cupboard

My little brother's starving, hungry and sick

Cuz ain't nobody coming by the house giving free shit

So we gettin' kinda skinny and my brother's almost dead

Got no other chose but for milk and bread

Stepped out the house for the first time in two years

Cuz my neighbor hood, it ain't really good

Lay up in my bedroom night after night

I hear screams, zombies shooting and looting

But now here I am and I'm walking down Jefferson

With a bag of money back, I don't understand

How the world can be full of so many evil doers

I can hear em underneath me in the sewers

Keep seeing shit out the corner of my eyes

Steady looking over my back, I didn't realize

Where I was goin, I didn't wanna bother anybody

Accidentally stepped on a dead body

"Hey motherfucker, watch where the fuck you're goin

I might be dead, but I'll kick your ass"

So I apologized but he still had to talk shit

So I stepped over his face and kept walking

And this is the part of my story that gets really scary

Had to walk alone down Military

I can see the crackheads hiding in the trees

Looking for some change, looking for some brains

Everything seemed to quiet as I walked down the block

Until I got hit with a


Can't really tell I musta been out for quite a while

Cuz when I woke up my nanny coat was outta style

And the crackheads took my money backs in a dash

And ripped off my arm in the process

But fuck that shit, I still gots another hand

So I can still get the shit for my little man

And I'm a walk with my nuts hanging out

I ain't scared, but this is where it gets weird

Factories, toxic waste, and chemicals

They have strange affects on the animals

In my neighborhood, and some get a lot bigger

Like the giant rat that jumped on my back

I'm running like a maniac all through the ghetto zone

And it's steady taking bites out my nug bone

Wrestlin around, found his tail, so I straight bit it

Then it ripped off my leg and broke with it

Tried to catch up, but I couldn't move quick enough

This little trip to the store straight fucking me up

But that's okay, cuz the store's straight down the block

.....So I hop

And it seems all wrong as I look up in the sky

I see the vultures waiting on me to die

But I made it to the store so fuck all you hoes

Be bout the sign..hmm, closed

Picked up a mailbox, threw it threw the wall

Cuz I'm a get my shit so fuck all y'all

Took a loaf of bread and a carton of the shelf

Even took a Faygo, two-liter for myself

Walked out the store like a G that's when I heard

The click-click sound of a boss bird

The store owner he didn't like a be-anee

That's why he didn't see a problem with buckin me

Blew my motherfucking head off my shoulders

Didn't say nothing, get buck buckin

But I got say, I made it home in a heart beat

Nobody fucks with a head rollin down the street

Now I think about it, I was full man leaving out

Now I'm a head with a loaf of bread in my mouth

Bouncing up the stair, I knock on the door with my chin

Eh, yo, little man, won't ya let me in

You best believe it was good to see my little brother

"Eh, you forgot the milk, you dumb motherfucker!"

Locked the door behind me cuz I'm back on route

Back to the store....and I'm out

Insane Clown Posse

Out / Insane Clown Posse

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