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Fat Sweaty Betty

Insane Clown Posse (ICP)

Fat Sweaty Betty

Her ma used to baby sit me back when we was 2

We'd go to the playground and to the skating rink

And we'd go under the bleachers and she'd let me hit the stank

Well ah, she moved across town and never came back

Until the other day I seen her at the Chicken Shack

She said her name was Betty I can't believe this, shit

The sexy little girl is now a fat sweaty beatch

She said hey J tell me how you been

She had a piece of chicken gizzard stuck to her chin

I told her, hold still and flicked it off her face

And said "Betty oh Betty what ya say we leave this place?"

I took her back to the crib and hit it all night

I let my fingers rub across the rippled cellulite

Oooooh it was nasty, but I don't let it bother me

She rolled over and fuckin knocked the wind outta me

I couldn't breath she wouldn't stop I'm almost dead

I took the lamp and bust it on her fuckin head We got dressed

I gave her a little kiss good-bye Fat Sweaty Betty,

my fat sweaty pumpkin pie

Fat Sweaty Betty

Tell me when your ready (x2)

The big fat flop of shit people call Betty

Lots of fat on her back her neck, Sweaty

Boogers runnin out her nose and over hung lips

Can't tell the difference from her titties to her hips

But fuck all that cuz I wanna see the neden

I wanna see the cat that cheesy, cheesy, chin

Rode my bike to her house, hey yo Betty let me in

I'm packin some snack cakes, bitch let me in

I can hear her commin down the stairs

She opened up the door in her mutha fuckin underwears

Eww, shit fuck that I'm turnin back

But then the door shut and she goin for the cake snack

I said relax hoe, I'm hear on business

You can have the candy, first you gotta wait a bit

I need a favor, come on Betty drop them drawers

Ahhhh, I knew it, Betty had balls

Oh, no here come that ass

From the top of the dresser with the Yokozuna Splash

I wish I never came Oh boy do I wish

She Fat Sweaty Betty The Sweaty Fat Bitch

Fat Sweaty Betty Tell me when your ready

fat sweaty betty (x?)

Insane Clown Posse

Fat Sweaty Betty / Insane Clown Posse

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