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Welcome To Thy Show

Well hello, boys and girls! Come in, see the show. Its the mystical, magical,

great Dark Carnival. Dont bother looking for parking, get rid of it! It aint

like you ever coming back, you fuckin' idiot The Dark Carnival emerges only

when you die, and right now mother fucker, you about dead in the sky. So come

and put your soul up on the Murder-Go-Round, and we'll strap you down, and spin

you into oblivion I got a spike for your neck with my ninja blowgun, because I

be the Juggalada Don Dada Lada Shogun. I swings my sword and split you in two,

before you hit the ground, I bitch smack both of you Welcome to our Carnivals

50,000 Juggalos, freaks and wierdos, and killers at our shows Im just glad im

down with 'em hate yo be yall And have a Juggalo shatter your skull, for the


Welcome to the show, Shangri-la of the Dark Carnival. Welcome to the show,

because BITCH BOY YOU DEAD! Welcome to the show, Shangri-la of the Dark

Carnival. Welcome to the show, because you DEAD DEAD DEAD!

And fuck you if you dont like it!

Welcome to my exhibit, I be the Shaggs, sit back and enjoy, relax your nipples

and nut bags. Its only Juggalos here; you know whut we about: swingin'hatchets,

Faygo, and our dick in your mouth So they call us a circus, we except that

role. We neem sayin' its commin' for like 10 years or so; and everywhere that

we go, from Alaska to Spain, Im seein'Juggalos dancin' in the Faygo rain Some

of those at our shows feel a carnival high, I seen them jump from the stage and

float off into the sky. They aint never coming back, their Carnival has been

found, all we can do is dream about it, smokin 'em down I got love for dead

people and iI hope to die. I got neden waitin' on me up in Shang

Insane Clown Posse

Welcome To Thy Show / Insane Clown Posse

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