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Willy Bubba

Ok class um please settle down now

I'd like to introduce our new student

uhh uhh Willy Bubba Willy is from Kentucky welcome Willy uh

I'll be your teacher my name is Ms. Felby

(1st Verse Violent J)

Well I flopped out of school but I still hang in the halls

So there I was you'll never guess what I saw

Maybe a chicken I thought it was a duck

But it was a redneck fuck so I walked up

"Hey Willy Bubba, hubba-bubba-lubba

My names Violent J, but my homies call me chicken plucker

I been down with the clown since day one, it's day two

I guess I got some plucking to do

In these parts, we tie you to the desk

And all line up and take blows to your chest [punch]

Fists to your chin [punch], kicks to your head [punch]

Last year we killed a kid dead [HAHHH!! oh, my fault...]

Walked in the school, there's hay in the hallway

Leading to your locker, walk up 'n sock ya

Then bounce your head around the class room and act nutty

The teacher walks, and asked everybody [body, body..]

(Chorus x2)

Who kicked Willy Bubba's ass? [I DID!]

Did you do it right here in the class? [SHO' DID!]

Did you punch him in the face, did you slap him in the mouth

Did you kick him in the forehead [YUP, YUP!]

[Nice to get back with a high school crowd where your alive]

(2nd Verse- Shaggy2Dope)

Willy Willy Bubba hubba lubba dubba dilly

Tell me why you talk so silly, bitch

You sound like you come from the land of the bigots

Jolly old Dickens, the land of the chickens

I guess you're in season, I'm packing me a .44

Barrels to your head and blow your face out your asshole

POWWW, bitch! I'm Shaggy2Dope

I'm coming for your kin folk, you get your chin broke

And don't cry or run to the teach

She can't understand your redneck-ass speech

If she could, she wouldn't do a thang

'Cuz she's my bitch and she loves to suck my wang

You in trouble Bubba, you better run quick

You too slow, Willy, 'cuz you a fat bitch

I caught up and got my hands all putty

Teacher walks in the class room, and asked everybody [body, body...]

(Chorus x2)

HOOOOOOLD UP! check it out...

Let's play, Willy Bubba, and kill the Willy Bubba (repeat 'till end

Insane Clown Posse

Willy Bubba / Insane Clown Posse

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