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Red Neck Hoe

Red Neck Hoe

"Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

A red neck that fucking red neck

Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

A down south bitch with a red ass neck"

[Violent J]

Bitch you gotta red neck

But you look kinda straight so I'm bout to step

Heard you like fucking in pig pens

You never seen boys so you fuck your girlfriends

Bitch I know you's a ho

So let me fuck you with my big toe

Cuz I don't care what them hicks can do

Shit, I can fuck like a chicken hawk too

Bitch, we can take a walk

But I hate the way you fuckin' hillbillies talk

So keep your filthy ass mouth shut

And don't say shit, nasty slut

Bitch, I wanna hit it

So I can drop your ass in a New York minute

But you quick to act like you didn't know

Like you didn't know, that I'm a jigglo, you didn't know

Bitch, we can sit on the porch

Swing in a chair, I don't fucking care

But then it's to the sac, to the sac we go

I'm finna fuck this red neck ho

[Chorus (2x)]

Bitch, you's a ho

And ho you's a bitch

Everybody knows that you's a...

Funky funky bitch

"Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

A fucking red neck, a red-ass neck

Rapping to this bitch with a red neck

Said a mop-top corn stalk red-ass neck"

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Bitch, it's 2 Dope

Before I threw you this dick, I throw you some soap

Cuz you been in the barn all day

Milking cows and fucking with hay

Bitch, if you let me hit

I don't care, you can play your Wayne Newton shit

I can take a little Conway Twitty

While I'm sucking on red neck tittie

Bitch, I go down south

With a piece of wheat hanging out my mouth

And sport a funky-ass straw hat

But after I hit it...MOTHERFUCK THAT!

Bitch, I from the big city

And I'm finna fall asleep on your big tittie

Yeah, it's the farmer's daughter

But I ain't gonna fuck in no swamp water

Bitch, drop your overalls

And we fuck in the back of a horse stall

You're the ugly bitch I know

But I still fuck ya, red neck ho

[Chorus (2x)]


My ratsaw can't even hang

With the wicked shit you've done

You go lynching with your gang

On a brother or a Mexican

Fuck, this shit may never quite

Bigots may never learn

I'll cut your motherfucking throat out, bigot

Now it's your turn

Bigots in the north seem to get respect

You know I'd choke that greasy neck

Step to the left, step to the right

In my piece, and I'll fuck your face up

Bitch, cuz I don't sleep

I said "Fuck you, bitch, I don't sleep"

In the south there's a lot of good faces

But shit, I'm gat on a fucking racists

[Violent J]

Bitch, I can't tell from where I'm at

But it looks like your neck is red, fuck that

I'm about to step

So I can say I fucked a ho with a red neck

[Chorus (9x

Insane Clown Posse

Red Neck Hoe / Insane Clown Posse

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