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Prom Queen

Won't you be my prom queen? (another morning)

Won't you be my prom queen?

Everybody has a real good time

Won't you be my prom queen? (must take for my senior prom)

Won't you be my prom queen?

Everybody has a real good time

Another morning I must get up and go to school

I'm taking too long gettin dressed tryin to look my best

Because today is not your ordinary every morning

My high school prom is coming and I heave my daddy's warnings

I'm going to find myself a girl to take to the prom

I shouldn't have too much trouble because I'm

I'm very nice, my mother says I'm very handsome

When I wear my good vest, and mother knows best

I got to school, I straggle through the hallways

I stop and gaze at all the girls just like always

But this time, I must now approach them (or)

Or my daddy might get mad and break my wrist again (ow)

And so I chose her, her hair, it matches with her face

She is so lovely, my heart pulse begin to race

I make my way between her friends and to her presence

Hello, Christine, would you be my prom queen?

I'd rather die, I'd rather die, I'd rather die... (repeat over)

(would you be my prom queen? no! aaah! prom queen)

There was a time when I could except a no

That was before, Christine is gonna have to go

My parents will be proud of me when I bring her home

So now I sit and watch her practice in the gym dome

Christine is famous, she has so many different friends

Will they miss her when she's dead or will they just pretend

Nobody talks to me, I only talk to I

And I been telling myself all day, she's gotta die

"Good morning, everybody. This is Principal Rogers, and I would just

like to congradulate our Senior class and wish them at tonight's

Prom dance."

Won't you be my prom queen? (I can be your prom baby)

Won't you be my prom queen?

Everybody has a real good time

It was really fuckin easy, I'm a human hater

I took a towel from the locker room to suffocate her

I had to throw away her gym bag and all her folders

And when it got dark, I caried her home on my shoulders

My daddy was asleep, when I snuck her in the back

I thought about my situation and it's kind of whack

It sounds cheap, but we're having prom in my cellar

But she's dead, I guess I'll never have to tell her

I took the bottles of Tamiace, four dollars worth

I took the seventeen dollars that was in her purse

I bought balloons and streaming and stuff to munch

I had a dollar left, I bought a Faygo Punch

I hung the streamers and balloons on my basement wall

I banged my head a couple times, I'm just too fuckin tall

I would have took her to the school like a normal man

But I had to kill her first they'd never understand

I put a record on and then I picked her up to dance

I bet she cannot feel the woody growing in my pants

I know my daddy would be proud of all that I've done

Instead of burning me, he'd probably come and hug his son

I think about it as I dance slowly to the beat

The more I think about it tears are rolling down my cheek

I hope I showed Christine a night like no other

After all, that's how my daddy did my mother

"Our Seniors deserve a night to celebrate with friends, celebrate

all their great work. Prom night is your very own special night,

and everybody always remember their high school prom."

Won't you be my prom queen? (I can be your prom baby)

Won't you be my prom queen?

Everybody has a real good time

Insane Clown Posse

Prom Queen / Insane Clown Posse

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