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House of Wonders

Violent J)

So there you are you're sittin' there just kinda chillin'

A richie boy you look a little bit like Dylan

The 90210 bitch with the funny hair

So I'm gonna change a few things around here and there

Start with your eyes I pluck 'em both out your head

And pull your balls out your sack and stick 'em there instead

Then I snap off your toes and stick 'em in your nose

And pull the hair out your head until your skull shows

You're almost ready, gotta fix you for the show tonight

But your lips, man, to me, they just don't look right

They could be a little fatter, even more

So fuckin' fat that your lip is draggin' on the floor

Tie your tongue into a knot and stretch it out

And tack a sign on it, tellin' what you're all about

Set you up, 'cuz now you're ready, so open up the door

'Cuz at the House of Wonders, you're the freak show

(Chorus x 2)

Carnival thrills

Carnival shows

Carnival excites you

Carnival kills

(Ahh, ooh, ahh, ohh)

Another freak show for the jugga-lugga-lo

So there you are, come on in, chickie, wow! Ain't you a pretty?

I think I'll start with the sillicone that's in your titty

I'll pull it out and put it in your forehead and cheek

So now, you look like the elephant bitch freak

Don't try to run, chickie-poo, I'm just gettin' started

I'll beat your head in with a brick until you're half-retarded

Remember that ugly girl you laughed at at the prom?

Don't try to laugh now, bitch, you look like her mom

You came to do the starin', but it's you they're starin' at

I'll stuff you full of chili-cheese dogs to make you fat

Then I'll stretch your fuckin' lips and stick 'em in your ear

So all that evil shit you talk, only you can hear

I shave you bald, and glue your titty on the top

And then I spit on your nipple until you drop

Hey! Almost ready? Jumpsteady, open the door

'Cuz at the House of Wonders, you're the freak show

(chorus x 2)

"Oh, oh, oh my God!!!!!

"Oh, oh, oh my God!!!!!

"Oh, oh, oh my God!!!!!

"Oh my God!!!!!"

(chorus until end

Insane Clown Posse

House of Wonders / Insane Clown Posse

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