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Well it's on, it's on like neden hoe fuck I'm 2 Dope and I'm fucken drunk Walked in the joint with my nuts hangin out my drawers Yo, SUCK MY BALLS All I wanna do is choke a bitch Roll up a jiffy and smoke the bitch I dropped outta school when I quit my job All I wanna be is a fat fucken slob I don't care about none of you bitches Shut the fuck up and drop your britches Cuz I'm robbin a bank So I don't give a fuck about what none of ya thank When I do show I wreck the place I run around the stage kicken bitches in the face Cuz I ain't nuthin soft So you and your boys can straight, FUCK OFF! Suck my nuts Bitch fuck you (4x) When I was 8 I was on crack I had Ms. Powtrain on the back Fucken every school, every grade I turned that old bitches neden hair gray, he he he Cuz the Dope is all that My mammas a witch and my dads a hunch back And nobody could fuck with me I used to drive a hurse to school G With a stiff hangin out the back Bitch you wouldn't know shit about that That was one thing that I hate It's always been hard for me to find a date Cuz I sure was nice and neat Then I strangle 'em in the back seat Cuz if you know the Shaggs ain't soft If you don't like it you can, FUCK OFF! What's up? Violent J The Southwest Juggala You know what I'm sayin? I walk into a bitches house walk up to they mom Grab 'em by the face and say, fuck off! Suck my nuts Bitch Fuck you (4x) I'm Violent J the mutha fucken blood sucken vampire Please stomp on my head cuz it's on fire I got another funky rhyme so let me kick it NAHH, FUCK OFF BITCH THIS IS MY RECORD!!! I walk up like a mental case And start throwen left hooks at your face I won't mix no rap with rock and roll Like somebody else I know Bitch boy you can suck my sack After that you can kiss my ass crack And them freaks, you ain't all that Titties aint shit but sacks are fat, bitch Cuz if you really wanna know what I think I think your neden stank like a fish tank So in the early cracks of dawn Taken two fat sacks of shit and get the fuck on Best leave me a dollar for Faygo, bitch Or I'm a have to bust you in your fucken lips Next time you think I'm soft I hope you remember to, FUCK OFF! Suck my nuts Bitch fuck you

Insane Clown Posse

FUCK OFF / Insane Clown Posse

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