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Dog Beats

Inner City Posse got the dog beats

ICP, we got the dog beats

No, you don't stop with the funk from the old days

Startin on your head as the beat plays

Yo, the ICP has got the dog beats

Inner City Posse and we playin for keeps

And I know that you likin this funk

Cause I can hear my voice comin out the trunk

Of your ride, don't take me for a sucker

You leave it unattended I'm a take the mother

Two to the do, to the OPE

Hitting 03 with the ICP

I like bass treble and the temp stuff

Throw, kick it in the back of a Seventy Bus

With that 40 oz, or that strong bull

Shooting craps in the back of the liquor store

And I'm hitting and we'll keep it at that

You out, Joe, no, I'm TOO DOPE for that

Rollin and I'm headed for the Clark Park

Just finished shootin 8 with the dark shark

Seen the freak with the bright Weight tank top

Keep rolling cause I know I'll see my bank drop

Homeboy, if you wanna keep your riches

Stay the hell away from them mo' money

Trucks to the buckers to the jeeps

The ICP has got the Dog Beats

Street lights blaring out the windshield

Man, cold ceggers on the general wheels

Six pack in the back and I'm drowsin

Keep the sounds up if I escape 1000

2 Dope gotta kick his own style

Homemade kicker box for the ICP

Make the whole car hop

When we let the bass drop

Inner City Posse got a bad rep

Like my man on the crutches took a big step

And I can't stand a neighborhood menace

So I slow chill like Rockie Dennis

Bass in the car somethin stack

I know you hear me boomin in Pontiac

Everyone's braver when the bass rock

So I got a little somethin in the glovebox

Long black hair with a white rag

40 cent Faygo in a brown bag

Jump Steady, Rude Boy, and Nate the Mack

Chillin by my side cause my posse's stacked

I know I'm gettin famous just think for a minute

Sold a car radio and the tape was in it

Sounds bring a life to the streets

The ICP got the Dog Beats

Inner City Posse got the dog beats

Waitin at the light as my bass thumps

And I'm gettin jocked by these local chumps

They point they wave they stare they look

I been jocked so hard, I could write a book

Violent J down with the pimp daddys

Violent J down with the pimp daddys

Violent J down with the pimp daddys

Smooth plush rides in a velvet Caddy

All the way live down to Jefferson

Inner City Posse got the best of them

Rewind your tape and your system eat

Inner City Posse got the Dog Beats

Insane Clown Posse

Dog Beats / Insane Clown Posse

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