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3 Rings

3 Rings

"Is this on?"

"Gather round my wealthy friends

And endure the horrifying sights

Only your worst nightmares can produce

Actual human beings of a deformed nature

Come at once

And come and enduldge yourself

In our own twisted amusement of

Another's misfortune

Yes ladies and gentlemen

Enter our three ring show of freaks"

[Violent J]

Ring one a dung a dung dung

My name's Violent J and I staple my tongue

To the desk in school then I run down the hall

Scaring the shit out of all y'all bitches

Which is why you don't invite mine to your parties

Just cause I don't look like everybody

I guess they're bunch of richboys, bitchboys

Scary, bula!

And what's the big deal about my neck

Just because now and then I like to let it stretch

Up a couple feet to get a better sight

Is that any reason to scream and run in fright

No, so, now how ya gonna act?

So what if I got another arm growing out of my back

I guess I'm just another freak show thing

And now they got me in the three ri-ii-ii-ing

[Chorus (2x)]

Three ring a ding a ding ding

People love to point and stare

Three ring a ding a ding ding

It's the same as everywhere

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Ring two, how do you do?

I'm Shaggy 2 Dope, chicken-faced bitch, who?

You don't try to front ho

Try to play me out just cause I'm running with the sideshow

Or maybe it's the leg growing out my neck

But don't jet baby, heh, not yet

I'm popping in like a pound of lead

Black n blue, his next roll and drop me on my head

Oh shit, I knew I had to fuck up my circuits

Cuz when I was two my momma left me at the circus

Abandoned at the carnival with the freak shows

Like bad boys, hermaphrodites and old man crow

But then I escaped to the ghetto zone

Started a crew of my own, motherfucker, I'm not alone

So don't be stickin your finger in my face stank

Or your stomach might receive a shank from the...

[Chorus (2x)]

"I certainly hope your enjoy yourselves

Here at our three ring exhibit

But to be honest I really don't see

What's so fucking funny about it

These fucking people are real!"

[Violent J]

Ring three, the ICP

Look if you want but I wouldn't lay a hand on me

That's how you get fucked up

We'll squeeze your windpipe shut

Yo, I'm a nerd word, I drink from the bird

Have Snake woman kick my love to the curb

She busted into my tent, now I'm fucked

Had the fat bearded lady in the buck, uh

Fuck that, bitch, suck that

I was born with a wang but I never had a nut sac

Just two balls hanging with no protection so

I move real careful and slow

You can call me a weirdo, call me a freak

Call me Don Knots cuz I'm getting on it every week, uh

So come see the carnival and threw me your change, bitch

I chill with the three rings


"Well, that's it

I hope you're satisfied

I hope you had a good time

You fucking heartless bastards

You saw what you wanted

So grab your fucking kids

And that fat flop of shit wife of yours

And get the fuck out of our circus tent

You cold-hearted sons of bitches

You think they look fucked up

Just wait till I kick your

Fucking lips in a couple times

You'll be sittin up here like a bitch

And we'll laughing at your folded ass

They'll call you lumpy

After I done put knots

All over your fuckin forehead

Yeah, hey, hey little boy, come here

How'd you like it if I tied your neck in a knot

You fucking little bitch

Come here, I'll shove that

Fucking corn dog up your ass

Get the fuck out of here

Show's fucking over

Get the fuck out of here

You fucking heartless bastards

Insane Clown Posse

3 Rings / Insane Clown Posse

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