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We Like Talkin' Dirty

We Smoke And We Drink

We're Kmfdm And All Other Bands Stink

Our Music Is Sampled

Totally Fake

It's Done By Machines 'coz They Don't Make Mistakes

We Don't Have No Lyrics

Our Message Is Nil

We Hate All Dj's

They're Makin' Us Ill

Whatever We Tell 'ya

Is Meant To Be Crap

We Hate All Music And Especially Rap

We Don't Like Michael Jackson

We Hate Depeche Mode

We Don't Care For Madonna Or Kylie Minogue

Our Records Have Stickers With A Warning From Tipper

'coz They're No Good For Kids

If We'd Get Her We'd Strip Her

Kmfdm Forward The Ultimate Sound

And A Message From Satan

If You Turn It Around

You Might Think We're Stupid

But We're Way Above It

We Don't Give A Shit

And The Kids Just Love It

We Wouldn't Sell To A Major For A Couple Of Bucks

No Doubt About It Kmfdm Sucks


Sucks / KMFDM

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