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(PT Lauren , K-Dee)

Daddyish brother is the silly me

Take five, another and feel like vitamin c

Cant take me all for yourself

So dont waste your time on me

Im so restrained

If love is blind then tell me

What the fuck is wrong with me

Im way out of line my darling

Watch all these flowers grow

And you will know

That the little boy he had a little dream of silky blue

Highlighting you so dont annoy

The little concrete boy

Twenty sorrys , apologies

Give plenty of worries for the one millionth godwannabe

Dressed up in his silks and his feathers

Not too wise to stay inside

Too wise to stay alive

Concrete boy, hes good he is what you might have called your dad

Hes digging in just for himself

He doesnt know just where he is at

Hes the lucky one the one whos left behind

And he breaks all the things he finds

Hes really one million storys or more

Hes what you hate what you adore

007 /

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